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Cottonz Closet is a small black family owned and operated  business; birthed and grown in New Haven,Ct since 2013. The Cottonz Closet logo and message “Ujamaa”  which mean "cooperative economics", in the sense of "local people cooperating with each other to provide for the essentials of living", or "to build and maintain our own stores, shops, and other businesses and to profit from them together", as in Kwanzaa.
At Cottonz Closet we are committed to building our community through self-care products and coordination of community events.
All our handcrafted items are made with love and good intentions.

  • Handcrafted Herbal Teas

  • Bath Salts

  • Organic Floral Bath Tea

  • Sage

  • Incense 

  • Oak Wood Charms


Rachel Spells 


  CEO of Cottonz Closet  


 Mom, entrepreneur , Doula , healer, and a part of the community.


Since I can remember I have always been an active member of my community always submerged in neighborhood activities. It was not until after I became a mom I started to  appreciate my "ME Time"  rituals. It's something about  someone else's life consuming your own, that makes you think about your own self care . I began small. Taking "ME"  time at my son's nap time instead of cleaning for that day. I then began to research ,learn, create  and implement other self-care routines. I learned about creating my own safe space. I gravitated to bath rituals and burning sage and trying new things often. That is how I began to create and sell products that can help others to create their own self-care routines.



You Can Also Reach Me At

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